Two Punks And A Tandem

England. 1985. Jennifer Rush tops the charts and big hair is all the rage. But Britain’s youth are restless. They have no work, no money, no hope. And in the seaside town of Penzance in Cornwall, a group of mates decide to do something about it. When two of them embark on a charity bike ride from John O’Groats to Lands End, what could possibly go wrong?

A rip-roaring and rollocking romp, brought to life in trademark Silly Boys style… With live music, puppets and a whole heap of silliness! Two Punks And A Tandem is an ode to the power and spirit of community in increasingly individualistic times.

Based on a true story.

Supported by Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Arts Council England and donations made by members of the public via a Kickstarter campaign we completed in 2014.

Suitable for ages 12+.

Spring Tour 2015


06. The Poly, Falmouth. SOLD OUT.
12. Blaengarw Workmen's Hall, Wales. Tickets.
13. YMCA, Pontypridd, Wales. Tickets.
18. City College, Plymouth. Tickets.
19. YMCA, Hirwaun, Wales. Tickets.
20. The Soar Centre, Penygraig, Wales. Tickets.
21. Corris Institute, Wales. Tickets.
23. The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Tickets.
24. The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Tickets.
25. The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Tickets.
26. The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. Tickets.
27. The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol. SOLD OUT.
30. The Bike Shed, Exeter. Tickets.

03. The Acorn, Penzance. SOLD OUT.
10. Rosemary Branch, London. Tickets.

Cast & Creatives

Leigh Seamas Carey

Mitch Callum Mitchell

Written by Callum Mitchell.

Music by Seamas Carey.

Photography by Michael Eddy.

Directed by Jim Carey.



'Shouty, sweary, strutty stuff. A wonky-wheeled wonder tale of dizzying energy and surprising tenderness. Proves the appetite for theatre that takes a risk' and creates something new.'

Artspass. Read full review here.

Feature on the show in the Western Morning News.

Review on Arts End Of Nowhere.

Photo: Steve Tanner

Photo: Steve Tanner

The Tallest Horse On Earth

Set in a patchwork world of wool, bubbles and gnomies, this is the story of Tim, a little boy who happens to be the proud owner of the tallest horse on earth… Or so he thinks! When Tim embarks on an adventure, he has only one trusty companion in mind. Together, the duo will explore the countryside, meeting lost children and magical creatures along their way and resulting in an epic crusade of the smallest proportions. Will Tim learn to love the wild? What’s the real deal with this giant horse? And most importantly, will they make it home in time for tea?

A warm-hearted puppet show told with live music, shadow puppetry and a large dollop of giant smashing. For children and their families.  

The Tallest Horse On Earth was Silly Boys first production and enjoyed a successful national tour in 2013.

Cast (Spring 2013)

William Seamas Carey

Thomas Alex Heane

Cast (Autumn 2013)

William Seamas Carey

Thomas Callum Mitchell

All other characters played by the cast.

Devised by Seamas Carey, Alex Heane, Jim Carey and Callum Mitchell.

Scripted by Callum Mitchell.

Music by Seamas Carey.

Puppetry Consultancy by Craig Johnson.

Directed by Jim Carey.



BOATM poster smaller.jpeg
Photo: Alastair Sopp

Photo: Alastair Sopp

Ballad Of A Thin Man

'As I regained consciousness, I found myself staring into a mirror in a stranger's bathroom, to discover that I was soaking wet, covered in blood and completely naked… Yet without the faintest idea of how I had come to be in this situation…'

So begins Callum Mitchell's debut one-man show, a comical tale of love, heartbreak and a dressing gown.

From his adventures as England's Youngest Private Detective through to a near-death experience in the middle of the Cornish countryside, Ballad Of A Thin Man is equal parts hilarious, tragic, poetic and uplifting. 

Ballad Of A Thin Man toured nationally in 2013/2014.

Written & Performed by Callum Mitchell.

Music by Seamas Carey.

Photography, Film & Design by Alastair Sopp.

‘A bonkers, brave, one-man roller-coaster; somewhere between a revealing conversation on a night out and a clever, witty lecture. Interesting, funny, fresh, self-deprecating and without an inch of pretension, which is a rare and wonderful thing.’


‘All the awkward moments in life given a sense of beauty. Fearless and original.’  


‘I was absolutely delighted with Ballad Of A Thin Man! Brave, silly, moving, funny and clever... So refreshing to see a young performer, without any pretension, open up his heart. Lovely.’


‘You appear to have rolled out of Wes Anderson’s brain.’